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Build Powerful
Supply Chain Management System


AI at its Core

The SupplyWIKI AI helps you autonomously run your demand and supply plan utilizing our automated machine learning. SupplyWIKI seamlessly integrates structured and unstructured planning data sources including ERP, IoT, market, and causal factors.


Xperts You Can Count On

SupplyWIKI includes Supply Chain Xperts’ with unparalleled experience and a deep knowledge-based translating to Xpert guidance throughout your project. We listen, diagnose, and implement the right solution and processes to achieve business goals.


Your Path to Resilient Planning

Faster than the speed of change, SupplyWIKI prepares you for anything with robust What-If scenarios and continuous planning. Multi Scenario planning draws on real time data from any part of your supply to help make the best decision faster.


End-to-End Intelligent Platform & Service for Your Digital Supply Chain

SupplyWIKI is a simple to use, AI-enabled platform that strengthens your multi-enterprise supply chain, serving as your real-time planning system of record.

Supply Chain Disruptions & Business Challenges

No Single Version of the Truth

Supply Chain staff members have been using multiple systems to track single record and tracking through multiple departments to understand a specific issue.

Limited Actionable Insights from Data

Supply Chain staff members rely heavily on experience to determine safety stock, customer service level, potential backorder, stock shortage, and other issues based on tremendous number of variables.

What can you do with SupplyWIKI analytics

Predict risk events at every step of supply chain process real-time. Foresee impact of promotional campaigns or gain insight from historic promotions. Identify unrelated activities not associated with any demand. Manage backorder prioritization or reallocating orders promptly.

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    KPI Optimization
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    Predict behavior
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    Drive strategy
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    Business performance
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    Understand customers
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    Manage backorder
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    Identify trends
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    Data insights
How it works

SupplyWIKI Capabilities


The SupplyWIKI ML and AI Platform is flexible to your unique planning requirements and built to give your company a competitive edge by improving forecast accuracy, optimizing inventory levels, and continuously maximizing multi-enterprise supply chain performance.

SupplyWIKI - Visibility AI

SupplyWIKI Smart Control has the first step to fixing something is to measure it. SupplyWIKI Smart Control has features for corporate operation teams to understand how productive supply chain operations are via drilling through visibility reports.

SupplyWIKI – Decision Making AI

SupplyWIKI uses a novel combination of forecasting, optimization and simulation. Explore future execution scenarios to ease the navigation of future disruption events. Make decisions in complex, multi-dimensional spaces more quickly with aggregated information.

SupplyWIKI Products & Services

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  • Provides Supplier KPI: Plan Vs Actual.
  • What-if scenario analysis to consider alternate suppliers using ML and AI.
  • Recommends supplier for each procurement proposal based on price, quantity, quality, delivery performance, compliance risk and location risk.
  • Optimized Inventory level in the material requirements planning process with improved customer service level.
  • Leverages ML/AL to predict inventory level based on production, sales, promotional strategy, overall equipment effectiveness.
  • Provides Customer KPI: Plan Vs Actual.
  • Customer Order fulfillment status.
  • Customer backorder situation.
  • Demonstrates end to end Order Visibility.
  • Provides opportunity to review company performance and open issues for order fulfillment.
  • Leverages ML and AI to review predicted delays and provides cognitive action and recommendation to change carrier to meet customer expected delivery date.
  • Provide Distribution Center KPI: Plan Vs Actual.
  • Predict customer deliver date based on carrier, mode of transportation and several correlation factors.
  • Provides alternate carrier with optimized KPI values considering cost, delivery time.
  • Real-time visibility across the entire supply chain in order to predict accurate available-to-promise dates based on predictive lead times and allocation logic to improve service And maintain customer OTIF.
  • Executive Dashboard with conversational AI to manage and monitor distribution center, customer backorder, customer satisfaction.

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